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High speed with high repeatability Cartesian robots

TOSHIBA MACHINE INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS are perfectly suited to a wide range of applications. Combining the Toshiba Cartesian Robot range with SCARA robot range and also the Toshiba 6 Axis Articulated robots means Toshiba has a solution for every opportunity. Including, but not limited to; Machine Tending, Packaging, Assembly, Sorting, Unpacking, Destacking, the list is endless. The TM Robotics entire philosophy is about making things straightforward and easy for you. Toshiba robot is a name you can trust.

Our Industrial Robots offer huge productivity, efficiency and professionalism gains, thus vastly improving your business procedures and more importantly your company's bottom line. Easily achieve what you want to, quickly and elegantly.

Cartesian Robot
  • Use as single axis or combine upto 4 axis
  • Various drive types - Multiple ball screw options & timing belt driven
  • High payload - Single axis 250kg Horizontal, X-Y axis combination 100kg
  • ​Minimum stroke length - 50mm
  • Maximum stroke length - 4450mm
  • Maximum speed - Ball screw 1200mm/sec, Timing belt 2000mm/sec
  • Highly accurate position repeatability - Ball screw 0.01mm, Timing belt 0.04mm
  • ​AC servo motor driven (absolute encoder) does not require home position return
Please download a copy of the BA-III catalogue to see the vast range of possiblities available with the Toshiba cartesian robot range.


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