Toshiba - 6-Axis robots

High speed with high repeatability 6 axis robots"

TOSHIBA MACHINE INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS are perfectly suited to a wide range of applications. The Toshiba 6 Axis Articulated robots are perfectly suited to a wide range of applications, including; Machine Tending, Packaging, Assembly, Sorting, Unpacking, Destacking, etc. The TM Robotics entire philosophy is about making things straightforward and easy for you. Toshiba robot is a name you can trust.

Our Industrial Robots offer huge productivity, efficiency and professionalism gains, thus vastly improving your business procedures and more importantly your company's bottom line. Easily achieve what you want to, quickly and elegantly.

​All Toshiba robots are easily integrated with most major vision systems on the market, as well as Toshiba's own TS VISION 3D Vision System.
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800mm reach
600mm reach
TVL - Hand I/O options
TVL - Hand I/O options
  • Energy Efficient
  • Highly cost effective compact model
  • I/O connections through to top arm - outlet position options options avaiable, see image
  • The TS3100E controller has built in PLC, I/O included as standard that is expandable, also included in the controller is safety switch for Emergency stops and gate switches
  • Simple to program - Off-line programming software included
  • T-groove in lower arm for simple tidy mounting of peripheral items
Optional specifications for consideration
  • IP65
  • Robot cables through bottom of base
  • Top cap for the Z axis
  • Ceiling mount
  • Extended cable lengths, upto 15m



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Toshiba TV Series 6 Axis Robot
  • Excellent Rigity
  • Excellent Durabily
  • Sensorless compliance control - Capable of inserting and achieving compliance actions without force sensor
  • IP65 available
3 models avaiable
  • TV600
  • TV800
  • TV1000H

packing robot, picking robot, toshiba robot
Sensorless Compliance Control
Sensorless Compliance Control
TVM Range
Toshiba TVM Series 6 Axis Robot
Light weight long reach robot
  • Low energy use
  • ​3 sizes available
  • Suitable for machine tending and picking/placing applications where extra reach is required
  • Expand working range by mounting robot on optional linear actuator
When combined with Toshiba vision system TS VISION 3D ​ the extra length of these robot arms make them ideal for bin picking



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TS VISION ​  Toshiba developed 3D vision system that easily integrates into the Toshiba Robot range.
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1 single 3rd party 2D vision system supplying data to 2 Toshiba robots
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M.A.P Services at National Manufacturing Week. Sydney May 2016
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Scara Robot - Toshiba THL500 scara robot
4-Axis SCARA (Selective Compliance Articulated Robot Arm)
Arm lengths from 300mm to 1200mm
Low cost, low energy use
Light to medium duty. Upto 10kg payload
6 Axis Robot - Toshiba TVL500 6 axis robot
6-Axis Vertically articulated robot
Standard cycle time of less than 0.4 second
Position repeatability of +/- 0.02mm
For more TOSHIBA MACHINE INDUSTRIAL ROBOTS follow the link to TM Robotics youtube channel
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